Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Nap and Some Tennis Shoes

I can't seem to function on a productive level past 2pm unless I've had a nap and I put my running shoes on. Strange?! If I'm feeling not so motivated, as I am most days, I allow myself a 10-20 min. booster nap while Millie's napping, put on my running shoes and I'm good to go. It also helps if I have a coke zero and some comfy clothes on, but that's not necessary. So, here I am at 2:01pm with sandals on and Millie took her nap in the car... the prognosis of my kitchen's (and the rest of the house for that matter) future state isn't looking too good!

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Emily McMurrin said...

Yay! I can comment now...

I feel you..just woke up from a nap actually. Sometimes I can't get through the day without one...and there's something about tennis shoes that give you a little bounce in your step. Anyways, I had to create a blog to comment on yours...but it's not set up yet...we'll see. lol. Love ya! Em