Monday, May 19, 2008

Expansion on the Shuttle Bus

Mom wasn't aware of the shuttle bus info in my bio. I'm sure she is, just maybe forgot.? Dax and I had psychology together, but never even gave a simple "hello" in class. In fact, all I ever thought about him was how funny it was that he would get off at the 1st shuttle bus stop and run all the way down to the Social Science building so he wouldn't be late to class. I usually walked in shortly after him while riding the bus all the way around campus to the building... (lazy even back then!) Anyway, one day around finals he introduced himself at the shuttle bus stop and asked if I wanted to study with him and a small group. I said maybe and later declined because I did better on my own. I didn't talk to him again (not on purpose, just no real comfortable opportunity) until the next quarter had begun. We ran into each other at the shuttle bus stop again. I think it was a Wednesday and he asked me out for Friday. The rest as they say... :)!


Dents said...

thanks for starting up a 4 kids! They are cute, and Millie is a little doll. I look forward to being in better touch.

jewels614 said...

This is great Jen! I love that you started this and maybe it will eventually inspire me to do the same! YEAH! Your kids are soooo adorable! I love Millie's dress you got her! She looks precious! Looks like you are all doing great and the kids are growing very fast! Oh Boy! Miss ya' bunches!