Friday, May 16, 2008

Let the fun begin!

I've done it! I've decided to dive into the world of blogging. I haven't gotten far yet, but I'll try to learn quickly. The info to the right is a little introduction to the fam. Let me first clarify that the nicknames were appointed by their father. I do not care for cutesy nicknames, but somehow, these seem to have stuck with them. Anyway, here goes nothing!


Jim McMurrin said...

Great idea!! The kids are adorable and I am looking forward to seeing many more. Don't forget the McMurrin Family site though! Good luck as you traverse the blogosphere!!

Love, Dad

the Ormsby's said...

Welcome, welcome! It's looking good! Give me a call, or we can work on it next week sometime too.

deb said...

I like your site... cute bio but I don't recall the shuttle story. please elaborate. =)