Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fishin' Not in the Dark

I love that Dax takes the boys with him to scouts now and then. They just love it! Yesterday, I hung out with 'em for a bit when I dropped Kaleb off to meet up with them. It's fun to see them "play." Dax hates fishing by the way (Dax can't sit). But, it's a father/son bonding thing so he occasionally entertains the boys with it. The first time he and I went fishing while camping he got so bored after about 10 minutes that he tied a steak knife to a stick and spent the remainder of the time trying to spear the fish. :) Personally, I'm grateful. I don't have to share him with sports, hunting, or fishing too often. I'm selfish that way. Sorry, off on a tangent. Well, here's the crew.

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