Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cake Malfunction

So, here is what my kitchen looked like after an entire morning in it attempting to make my mother-in-law a fun birthday cake for her big 6-0! Sadly, the hours were wasted when in the end, I had nothing but a clump of cake and frosting to decorate the inside of my garbage can!

This was the sad cake after Kaleb and I attempted to move it from the counter to a plate to carry it on... stupid, stupid, stupid. Big lesson learned... must decorate 50 lb. cake on plate to be served on. :) Doesn't look so bad here, but the back side was torn out.

With a little saving grace, the cake might have had potential, but in the end it just kept getting worse. I tried to add caramel to a layer and overdid it. So, the frosting wouldn't stick well and just kept sagging a little more and more with time. Sorry, Lynette. Hope Dax picked ya out a good one at the grocery store! :) ... Maybe next year!


Tim & Celeste said...

I LOVE the cake!!!! I think it is perfect for a big 6-0! :) You make me laugh!

Jen Vesper said...

It's great Jen! You are too hard on yourself. Your family has grown so much! We miss you!!