Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wednesday Club

Every Wednesday is short day. I think it's absolutely lame, but I'm sure the teachers love it. It's supposed to be a day for them to catch up and work on teaching plans. The kids get out at 1:20 instead of 3:20. Anyway, since the first of school, Kaleb has put together a club on Wednesdays. The kids are supposed to be meeting at the school park after school to hang out but it's turned out that I usually have extra kids at my house every week... there aren't drinks and treats at the park! I really don't mind, usually. :) The kids are pretty good kids. At first we were getting as many as 9 extra boys here, but it's dwindled to 3-5 every week. I did try to at least have one fun thing for them to do, but they're boys and they would rather play football or basketball. So, since they're boys, I do try to at least have the drinks and treats and then they're on their own for entertainment. It's been fun for them and I like to get to know the boys. Here's a pic of them making cookies for their activity... that one they liked! (Afterall, there was treat involved!) Millie joined in, too... she's no dummie! She knows when a good time is being had! Occasionally, I've had to kick the boys out if it gets to dinner time or something, but for the most part, I think this will be a continued after school Wednesday tradition.

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The Ormsby's said...

What a fun idea!! And the plus is having his friends there, you know what's going on. And you're obviously the "cool Mom". Awesome!