Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bear Lake

My parents have a condo share at Ideal Beach Resort in Bear Lake. We (thanks, mom and dad for letting us use it) had it last week. So, Dax and I ended up using it. It was a trip totally needed. When I say Dax and I, I mean JUST Dax and I... no children. I was so grateful to my mother-in-law who was willing to come watch the kids for what was supposed to be just Friday night, but we were enjoying ourselves so much, we talked her into staying Saturday night also! The greatest thing about Lynette is that she didn't have to really be talked into anything and even though I know it can be tiring... she called and thanked me Monday for asking her to do that for us. I know the kids had a blast with Grammie, too. Thanks, Lynette!

Not a lot to do this time of year, but we went for a long drive and Dax spotted the Eagle from forever away... I was impressed. We shot off the potato gun for a little afternoon entertainment. The cows delayed our ride home just a little... they would not move... how rude. Finally Dax tried to run them over. :) Not really, but he did practically budge them out of the way with his car. And, just a final shot of how beautiful it was on the way home. We decided to come over Monte Cristo and at 9000 ft, the display was amazing!

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