Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures Found

So, thanks for sympathizing with me, but there's no more need... the pictures have been found! I was lying in bed and thinking how odd it was that a little person was able to delete just the right pictures and not touch any of the birthday or diabetes walk that was still on the camera. So, I checked and voila! My camera card was missing. I'm sorry Millie and Ethan. DAX and KALEB are actually the culprits... glad I didn't point fingers too soon. :) Dax told Kaleb he could use it for the Wii if he put it back. Kaleb has a problem putting back. From now on, the rule is... hands off, thank you! Actually, I'm just grateful I got my pictures back. Funny. They're not as cute as when I thought they were missing, but it makes the posts a little more fun!

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