Thursday, October 23, 2008

Around 2:30 Saturday afternoon, my aunt and I decided we wanted to see the 2:45 showing of The Secret Life of Bees. We got a sitter quickly for Millie and her son, Nate (Dax had the boys shootin') and headed off. Sometimes those are the most fun times when you don't plan, you just do. Anyway, it was an AWESOME movie. I really just like inspirational shows and I think this was one. Wear water-proof mascara though... not sad, but dramatic! Whenever I watch a movie about such hateful times, I wonder what I would've been like then. I'm proud of my grandma. She had told me once that she was probably around 12 years old when she was riding the bus one day and there were plenty of seats in the "white" section, but none in the "black" section, so she pointed to a black girl standing in the isle to sit by her. She had to talk her into it and let her know it was all right. My grandma said she got very mean looks, but she didn't care. She knew it was the right thing. She was fortunate. Her parents taught her to love everyone. My grandma grew up on a tobacco farm (go figure!). My great-grandparents treated the black people that worked for them with kindness and so my grandma did the same and I'd like to think the habit has made its way down the line. Back then, my grandma said that a lot of the farmers fed their workers leftovers from their lunch (lunch was a huge feast of fried chicken, potatoes, veggies, pies, rolls, etc. all done in a log burning stove... and I complain about cooking now :)). But, my great-grandma, Kris, cooked the workers their own meals identical to whatever they were having. I'm grateful for that. Even though it was so long ago and I'm sure I've had relatives do things I wouldn't be so proud of, I'm grateful that they were people filled with love and decency. I know because of them, my grandma was made to be one of the most loving and decent people I know. If you've never met her, you're missing out. If you've met her, you'll never forget her or her huge heart (or macaroni 'n cheese or brownies!:)). Because of my ancestors and their examples, I'd like to think I know what I would've been like if I lived in such hateful times.

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Melissa said...

I love that book and have been wanting to see the movie. I will never get Chad to go unless I tell him that a girl in a bikini will detinate a bomb close to the end of the show. I have actually often wondered if I was alive during the time of Joseph Smith would I have accepted the gospel then. I would like to think so, just as I would like to think that I would have done what your grandma did on the bus.