Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

October 30th was a very busy day. That was my volunteer morning. When I was done volunteering, I came straight home to get Emmett dressed in a costume and take him and Millie to the school Halloween Parade and class party. I was at the school the rest of the day. That gave me 2 hours to get dinner done and my house clean before Marcia and Ben came to dinner. It was a great day!

Halloween night was a beautiful night. The kids didn't even need coats over their costumes which was nice. It did rain a little, but it wasn't bad. We walked around with Zona and Nate and met up with some neighbor friends, Shannon and Jennifer and their kids. If I hadn't been throwing up all day, it wouldn't been perfect! Luckily, the fresh air did me good and I wasn't sick the entire time we walked around. But, the minute I walked through the door, it was time for bed!!! But, not until after I got a kick out of Millie loving all the candy! She's so my daughter!

There are pics, but I'll still just say... Kaleb was a clown (I was surprised that's what he chose, but it stemmed from him being chosen as the class clown in Mrs. Young's class last year), Ethan was the cutest vampire (we painted his hair black and gave him blood running out of his mouth at his begging request and he was still adorable... not scary at all :)), Emmett was a dinosaur (let me paint his face green... again, not scary, just adorable), and Millie was a pink poodle (I managed to get somewhat of a black nose and some freckles on her cheeks).

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