Sunday, October 11, 2009

Millie's 2!

While I'm on birthdays... Millie turned 2 on September 26th!!! How odd that I'd feel like a slacker for her cake this year. I mean, how many 2 year olds get a 4 layer cake with sprinkles... oh well. I've done it to myself! :)
Anyway, I really can't believe it. Who would've thought I'd ever be baby hungry again? But, my baby is a toddler now and I'm sad. Don't get me wrong. I probably only feel this need for another baby because I can't have one and because Millie only lets me hug her for an extended amount of time if she's getting chocolate in return (she is MY child afterall), but none the less... Anyway, we are having fun with our little princess and that she is. We can't help it. Just being the only girl sets her aside from the boys and since she doesn't know that they don't want a new pink purse or pretty shoes, she feels special. I'm glad she does... she is! She keeps us on her toes. She LOVES to play in anything she can get her hands on like my make-up, lotion, bandaids, towels, spatulas, etc... She's really speaking a ton now and in full sentences these days... usually, "I'LL DO IT!!!" :) I think it's funny how she immediately blames the closest brother next to her for something she thinks she's going to get in trouble for, how she puts herself in "time out" if there's no one around to blame :), and that she can hardly leave the house without "Shtick!" (lipstick... aka: lipgloss), a bow, and her purse. I also love that she reminded us to say prayers this morning before breakfast and sang "La la la la la laaaaaa" through every song during sacrament today. I feel so blessed to have this precious daughter in our lives! Considering that the kids still run to her the second they set eyes on her, I'm guessing they feel the same. And, since Dax will fully admit she owns his little finger :), I know he feels the same. Happy Birthday, Millie!!!
Millie's Grandpa Morley's special girl right now. We had a low key birthday dinner and I thought it was funny how she found the one tiny hole in her present, peeked through and yelled, "dolly"! Can't get anything past her! :)


Celeste said...

It's only right that the youngest little girl in the family is the princess! I love that she needs her lipstick and purse before leaving the house. So cute!

Shannon said...

Happy birthday Millie! We miss you!

danakay said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little girl! Why can't you have another one? Just being nosy...I hope you don't mind! :-)

The Cherrys said...

I love the cake! I might need a lesson on that! I can't believe she is two already...and she deserves to be spoiled. She IS the youngest and the ONLY girl! perfect combination :)