Sunday, November 1, 2009

My SCARY crew... Kaleb said he was the scariest thing... a dentist! (No wonder they have one of the highest suicide rates among professionals... :)) We had a really fun Halloween this year. I'm sad the month went by so quickly... I feel like a lame mom... we didn't even carve pumpkins this year!!! The kids never asked, so I didn't offer... maybe next year. But, we had a fun week celebrating with church, school, and family get-togethers. I haven't taught my kids to be efficient trick-or-treaters though and they pooped out kind of early... Kaleb said he figured Dax was just going to take his candy anyway. :)
They're learning! j/k

Millie was hilarious! She RAN door to door! When we brought Emmett home after our first round, she wouldn't have anything to do with staying home... had to collect her chocolate... my kind of girl! :) P.S. A special thank you to Betsy for the adorable ladybug costume... too fun! :)

Ethan's not a very intimidating ninja with those big blues staring back at ya, but he sure loved his costume... has practically begged me to wear it at every moment since Wednesday's Halloween Carnival at church. At least we got our $6.99 out of it! :)

Emmett went through several costume ideas before he finally decided on a ghost... how funny. I was o.k. with it... easiest costume ever! And, doesn't he look cute? This was his scary boo face... ooooohhhh! :)

Kaleb wouldn't pose for an individual portrait... it was all I could do to get him to wear a costume this year, but I told him he couldn't just go around and ask for candy, so... How'd I get a son who thinks he's so cool? Gee wiz!!! :)

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Tami said...

Your kids are so darn cute! Thanks funny about Kaleb not wanting to wear a costume. Can't believe how grown-up his is.