Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great to be 8!

Of course it's great to be 8 because we believe that's when it's time to get baptized, but it's also great to be 8 when you're a McMurrin... so to speak. :) My dad's family has had a tradition since my dad was 8 that allows the boys to go on "The Hunt" every September. It freaks me out every year, now with 3 boys out there and all. But, it is really exciting for them so I try to hold my paranoia in a little. So, for Kaleb and now for Ethan (I can hardly believe it!), my dad took the kids shopping before their baptisms for a pocket knife of all things and some hunting gear!!! He may as well take them to Disneyland! They look so forward to shopping sprees with Grandpa... I think he does too. :) So anyway, that's what Ethan's morning consisted of on his baptism day. (Our stake holds baptisms at 5:00pm... lame) Then I'd love to say he rushed home to put his suit on, but this is Ethan we're talking about. Although he did get ready quickly and remind me we needed to be there 30 minutes early over and over again when it got closer to the hour, he had to first practice his pocket knife skills by cutting flowers out of my garden. What a great day for him! :) But, on to his baptism...
I can't believe I haven't even posted about Ethan's baptism yet (well, I can sort of believe it. :P). Shame on me, right? Well, it was a great day! I had my friend, Celeste, take these awesome pictures and he just sat there happy as a bug. He said he wanted to get it over with, but I think he felt special and I'm glad. I think he was also just really excited. Grandma Gurr got him his own set of scriptures. Once he stole Kaleb's scripture bag, he was ready to go... gotta work on that honesty thing... especially now that he's baptized. :) I LOVE this collage of our little Ether man! He looks so handsome and I'm already sad now thinking of his mission farewell... but can't you just picture it?

Ethan was baptized over Labor Day weekend so there were only 2 baptisms that day... Ethan and a litttle girl. Before the baptism, we were able to shoot this picture really quick with Dax's camera phone (my camera ran out of batteries).

He was so cute standing there looking into the font. He had said all week he wasn't really nervous, but as he looked down into the water he asked if I thought Duncan (his best buddy) was scared when he got baptized. After I assured him that most people are nervous to get into the water, but reminded him of what it was he was about to do, he was fine. Anyway, having a Stake Baptism Day is nice in some respects and not in others. Usually, you have nothing to do with the program and you don't get to pick the time. We've been lucky with both Kaleb and Ethan's baptism because for Kaleb's, he got to sing the Baptism song which made his day a little more special and personal and for Ethan, my mom was asked to sing. She wrote some new words to a Hilary Weeks song (sshhh... don't tell :)) and my friend Jennifer Ormsby played the piano (on very short notice I might add... thank you again!!!) It was BEAUTIFUL! I especially liked how Ethan watched my mom sing (even though my mom said he kept looking away... he seemed to kn0w she was singing to him). Not to mention, the other little girl just sat smiling up at my mom the entire time... too sweet!

Well, Dax baptized Ethan, of course... with Grandpa Mac and Uncle Slade as the witnesses. Dax also confirmed Ethan with Grandpa Mac, Uncle Slade, Great Uncle Bob, and Bishop Ulrich in the circle. It was a nice blessing. The entire day was filled with the Spirit and I'm so grateful he made the choice to be baptized. I hope he never forgets the Spirit that was present and how much joy the gospel brings. He's young, but I think he understands at least that much. I'm so proud of him and grateful he's my son!!!

I did get the battery for my camera, but by that time, it was too late and this was all we got. At least it's something! :)


Jana said...

Congrats Ethan!! What an all around special day.

Melissa said...

I love those pictures that Celest took. He looks so grown up! I would be a nervous wreck if my little 8 year old was up in the cold mountains hunting! But I am sure they love it.

Celeste said...

I love Ethan! I think he is a quick little guy- he gets a lot of things that I think other kids his age don't get. You did a good job on making him feel special and important, too. That's a big deal for a kid!

Tami said...

He looks like a miniature missionary! What a cute kid! Glad his day was so special. Can't believe how old our kids are getting!

p.s. I love that you're blogging again.