Monday, September 28, 2009

Millie and Emmett

Millie and Emmett are great buddies! They always have so much fun playing together. We missed Dax, Kaleb, and Ethan while they were hunting, but we had some fun of our own. We hit McDonald's a FEW times. :) We played games, went to grandma's, and went to church. Here's the two before church. It was the Primary Program and Emmett did a great job memorizing his part... that he wrote no less. "I love my mom and dad because they are my family and they help me do stuff." :)

Here they are having fun before we took off for the "circus". Actually, it was the parade of elephants before the circus started, but the kids were excited to see 'em none the less. But, that adventure will have to be another post. Anyway, aren't they too sweet? I hope they can be great friends their entire lives! I love how he takes care of her and watches out for her... she is really lucky to have a big brother like Emmett. Her dates however... not so lucky! :)

This is just a sweet one of Millie I thought I'd share.


Melissa said...

How sweet! I love second for the last picture. So stinkin' cute!!

joyce said...

so cute!! I love how protective he is over her. And she is SOOOO cute!

James said...

How do you expect me to listen to this and view these pictures through so many tears!!! Such a great family and beautiful kids.
Love to all, Dad

Celeste said...

I thought Millie looked so great in that outfit with her boots and all! She knew she was hot stuff, too! I love it. Emmett is a very sweet big brother.