Friday, September 26, 2008

Kiss 'Em Goodbye

You would think with all we've been through as a family, losing Dax's dad so tragic and suddenly, we might be more aware of how fragile life can be. You would think when we walked out the door every time we would tell each other we love each other and give hugs and kisses. Maybe it was like that at first, but then the hussle and bussle of everything finds me running out the door with hardly a goodbye. I'm going to be better at that. You never know when your time will be up and wouldn't it be so sad if the last time you ran to the grocery store and something, heaven for bid happens, you maybe yelled at the kids to get in the house or failed to give those xxx's and ooo's. You see, these are the photos of my aunt's car accident that were posted in today's paper.

She hit a dump truck head on, flipped over it to another truck, and then proceeded to run head on with another car after she spun out several times. This was what was left of her Toyota. It seems she may have had a low insuline reaction from her diabetes. It was ironic that it happened just 2 days before we are going to "step out" for diabetes. This is our 4th year walking to raise money for diabetes research and awareness. Thank heavens no one was hurt worse than they were or even killed. Alice suffered a really bad broken arm (3 breaks that required surgery), a broken vertebrae, and a broken scapula. Other than some serious aches and pains, she's going to be just fine. We love you, Alice and are glad you're going to better soon!
Anyway, love your kids and your husband (or wife) all the time. Kiss 'em goodbye. I know I'm going to try to be better at it. Not to sound so down, but you just never know. And, so you know... I love you all, too! :) I'm thankful for your love and friendship. Good night!


The Ormsby's said...

How scary! I'm glad that your aunt is okay though. Thanks for the reminder. I will make sure to xxx and ooo all the time.

Tami said...

Thanks for the reminder, Jen. I needed that today to help me keep perspective when everything else seems to get in the way.

Dents said...

wow, what a terrible wreck, amazing she is okay. Sorry to hear about Dax's father. I have so much respect for law enforcement,the military and their families. The dedication ceremony looks like it was a nice tribute.