Monday, September 15, 2008

Bye. Bye, football!

I just came across this cute picture of Kaleb in his football workout gear. He looks so cute. But, cuteness aside, he chose to quit. We didn't want him to think he could just quit because it was hard, so we made him keep going and even play 2 games. He cried almost every day before practice!!! Finally, after seeing my neighbor's son on a Monday with bruises all over him after a Friday night game I caved and talked Dax into caving with me. Well, it may have happened a little differently, but at least it's over. We told him he had to be the one to tell his coach. He gladly did and the kid was never happier. Next time, he's paying the $75 sign-up fee. Other than that, I'm thrilled it's over if at least just for now. He's playing soccer and loving it. Practice only 1x a week, no coaches screaming in your face, no kids tackling on purpose, and smiles on Saturday... That makes for a happy mom, too!

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Tami said...

I think I'd be okay about quitting football too. I hope Damon has no desire for that sport. Not sure I'd be able to handle it.