Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Emily's a College Grad!

My baby sister, Emily, graduated from San Diego State University Dec. 2008 with a degree in Graphic Design. My dad was so kind as to fly me down to surprise her for her final portfolio show (examples above). I was so proud of her! It was awesome to see how all the hard work paid off in her designs. She's so talented! We had her design a logo for our new insulation co. and have gotten lots of compliments on it, too! (it sort of looks like this)
Anyway, then my dad took her out in Vegas for a grad dinner of her choice... Yummy! Some barbecue place. It was fun to be all together even though I had to go rescue Millie (or the sitters) because she wouldn't stop crying. It was all good. Anyway, a late, but well deserved shout out to Emily...
CONGRATULATIONS... "Oh the places you'll go!" Love ya!

The sibs and myself... Mary, Emily, and Jimmy.

Mom and Dad with Emily.
Millie's happy now... spoiled turkey! :)


Melissa said...

I had to be so nice for you to see all your family. It has got to be hard to be away from them so much. Family is so important. Millie is adorable! And congradulations to your sister. Are you guys starting a business? wow, if you are then I think that is amazing.

Nicole said...

hey, even I have my blog updated! It's TIME!