Monday, August 25, 2008

School Is In!!!

*I am trying to figure out how to retrieve my summer pics
from the comp Dax revamped for working out of his home
office. Then, I'll update on our summer fun. Until then...

For the last 2 weeks, I have been counting down until the day the boys go back to school. I seriously just couldn't take anymore fighting and nagging. They were just getting bored and it was time they got back into a routine... I'm not so good at that without motivation. But, this morning as I watched Ethan take off on his scooter to 1st grade and Kaleb on his bike to 3rd, I got a little sad. They're growing up so fast. :(

Then again (and I hope I don't sound terrible), they only had a short day and by 9pm when they were still not in bed and reading (my fault, sort of, but none the less) still wasn't done and they wouldn't settle down for scriptures, I smiled at the thought that tomorrow they go back! :) So, though I may miss them a little in those short 8 hours each day, I just might adjust. And hopefully/probably the absence will make the heart grow fonder and with any luck, the mom grow more patient.


Celeste said...

You make me laugh. I'm right there with you on the routine- I do much better when school is in! Lily and I are sad that Alec is gone all day, too, but I think we'll adjust nicely... And I LOVE your new blog look!

Tami said...

I know exactly how you feel! Your boys are so dang cute. Love the picture on top.

Nicole said...

First of all I want to know where I can find a school to keep my little darlings for 8 hours. We are lucky if the bus takes a little longer and gives us 6 1/2! AAh, but what a peaceful 6 hours it is!

joyce said...

August is one of the most painful months, isn't it? Vacations are over and boredom is a serious problem. My boys were either fighting or so extremely hyper and bouncing off the walls. I felt like screaming (and did on a couple of occasions). Aaaah, school!
By the way, your blog is way cute!