Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grandpa Came For a Visit

We love grandpa Morley, but he rarely just stops by. In fact, I can maybe count on one hand the number of times he has. But, today he was out driving around and said he just had to stop by and see "his Millie". The other kids were bonus. When Millie heard his voice she immediately crawled out of the bedroom to get hugs and kisses. I thought it was so cute how when I was trying to get a cute pic of him with the kids, he couldn't stop looking/smiling at them long enough for me to actually take the darn thing. Finally, after a few tries we shot one.

He's such a clown! I have always loved his sense of humor and his honesty... although brutal at times. :) He's the biggest sports fan ever!!! He has played, coached, reffed, umped, or watched anything you can name from women's badmitton to BYU football, of course. (For those of you who don't know, he has a BYU room, a huge statue of a cougar to boot, a coffin already ordered and paid for with BYU lining, a #1 fan deal from KSL?, I think, and the list goes on and on. We felt very special to think that after much deliberation he attended Kaleb's baptism instead of the home BYU game he had initially planned on for that date.) He has a big, big heart... he always means well anyway. :) I could continue on about my grandpa and how he bought cheap flowers for my grandma from a guy whom he later found out was a grave robber or how he tried to change Ethan's diaper, while babysitting no less, for me to find it backwards and halfway down his legs later that night. :) But, maybe later. Though obviously not perfect (ask grandma), I wouldn't change a thing!

He's a convert to the church and has been a faithful member ever since. He worked several jobs and moved his entire family, wife & 4 kids, here from PA to take them through the Salt Lake Temple to be sealed. He stayed here to be where he thought his family should be raised. He's pretty sure if you are a member, it's sac-relig to not cheer for... you guessed it! BYU!!! :) He now works at the temple. I'm grateful to be a part of his legacy. I love you, Grandpa!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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