Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Gift Gone Right

My dad is hard to buy for because he has a tendancy to get what he wants when he finds something he wants. So, I try hard to get him something he might not have thought of. Every once in a while, it goes the way I hope like when we got him a remote control fart machine, or a "Christmas Story" leg lamp, or a CD with a song that's made for him.

O.K. So, when my sister and I started dating, my dad began interrogating our dates in a joking manner by showing them his gun collection and giving him a "fatherly chat". No harm was done. We frequently went on second dates and no one ever got hurt. :) Only one time did a parent get offended because he was afraid his son only got the attention because he wasn't LDS. We assured him my dad was non-denominational when it came to his guns. So, I heard this country song called "Cleanin' This Gun" by Rodney Atkins and felt it would be an appropriate gift for my dad. Well, during Father's Day dinner he mentions he ran into a boy Mary used to date and he had told him how my dad's "talk" still rang in his ears to this day and how he remembered the guns. It couldn't have been a more perfect set-up for my gift and I hadn't even told anyone about it. So, here's my dad in anticipation to hear the song.

Here's dad's reaction to the chorus (Jimmy wasn't as entertained... maybe if he has a daughter of his own someday. :)): "Come on in boy sit on down And tell me about yourself. So you like my daughter do you now? Yeah we think she's something else. She's her daddy's girl, Her momma's world, She deserves respect That’s what she'll get, Ain’t it son? Hey y'all run along and have some fun. I'll see you when you get back. Bet I’ll be up all night Still cleanin' this gun!" Perfect!!!

Love ya, Dad! I look forward to seeing Dax's first date tactics for Millie. Although with 3 big brothers, he may get to sit back and watch. :)

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Celeste said...

I think your dad & my dad could be very good friends! There's nothing in the world like a loving father.